Top 5 Of The Best Organic Formula For Babies In The Market

Exclusive breastfeeding is simply not a reality for many mothers out there. While it is not entirely bad to give your child milk formula aside from your breast milk, many mothers want to know the safest and healthiest formula they can give their babies.

When you are looking for the best formula for your baby or you simply want to supplement your breast milk, you have to consult your child’s pediatrician before you start scouting for the best organic formula in the market.


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Breastfeeding Versus Milk Formula – Which Is A Better Option?

Breastfeeding Versus Milk Formula

Mothers need to make a big decision for their babies and this involves choosing exclusive breastfeeding or formula feeding.

Breast milk is still considered the best nutrition for babies. In fact, it is recommended that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of their lives. Breast milk offers a lot of benefits. It contains natural antibodies, promotes optimum brain development, and promotes easy digestion.

Formula feeding, on the other hand, is also a healthy choice for babies, as long as you choose the healthiest and safest formula for your baby.

There are also several benefits that formula feeding offers. First, it offers convenience to mothers who have less breast milk supply or those who are working mothers.

Regardless of whether you are feeding your baby formula milk or simply supplementing your breast milk, you have to choose the formula wisely and make sure that it is the healthiest option for your baby.

What’s The Big Deal About Organic?

Choosing organic formula may be one of the best decisions you can make when you are not able to breastfeed your baby.

When you choose organic formula over conventional formula, you can avoid pesticides, preservatives, fertilizers, steroids along with other harmful chemicals in your baby’s formula.

Regardless of whether you are planning to use formula from day one or you are simply supplementing your breast milk, choosing the safest milk formula for your baby should be your main concern.

So, why should you opt for organic formula? First, organic formula is made from ingredients that are organic and free from any harmful chemicals. In addition, the organic baby formula does not contain any genetically engineered or modified ingredients, additive flavors or refined sugar.

Avoiding The Bad Stuff In Your Baby’s Milk Formula

Baby’s Milk Formula

When choosing the safest formula for your baby, you have to note that it all comes down to one important thing which is to avoid the bad stuff. Here are some important considerations to check when choosing a milk formula for your baby:

  • Non-organic Ingredients. While organic alone does not make a formula safe, this is a good start. You have to check the milk formula label and make sure that the ingredients are organic. Conventional formula most likely contains genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, growth hormones, traces of pesticides and oils that are extracted with hexane.
  • Soy. Soy-based formulas are only recommended for babies who suffer dairy intolerance. If you are purchasing a non-organic formula, the soy incorporated in it is likely genetically modified. In addition, soy formula contains high amounts of phytoestrogens, which is a form of plant-derived estrogen.
  • Palm Oil. While the human breast milk may contain palmitic acid, formula manufacturers often incorporate palm oil in their formula products to try to replicate breast milk. However, infants do not properly absorb palm oil which ultimately decreases their bone density.
  • DHA or ARA. A lot of milk formulas in the market now boast the addition of DHA and ARA. While this may be a good thing, these fatty acids are often extracted using neurotoxin hexane. However, some organic formulas may contain them.
  • Carrageenan. This additive has been incorporated into various products as this is used to stabilize liquid formula. However, this seaweed-derived additive is thought to cause inflammation in the intestines and formation of colon tumors.
  • Preservatives. Synthetic preservatives are also added in most non-organic milk formula to prevent the formula from spoiling. You should check the label and make sure that the formula you choose does not contain them. Some organic formula contains ascorbic palmitate and beta carotene, which are also preservatives.
  • Synthetic Nutrients. Most conventional formulas and some organic formulas contain synthetic nutrients like lutein, lycopene, nucleotides, taurine, and l-carnitine. As much as possible, you should avoid such ingredients.
  • Certain Sugars. Since breast milk is naturally sweet, milk formula manufacturers often add sugar in their products to sweeten it. The sweetener that is closely the same with that found in breast milk is lactose. However, since this is expensive, most manufacturers make use of sucrose, maltodextrin, or glucose syrup solids instead, which causes overfeeding and obesity.

The Benefits Of Choosing And Using Organic

The trend of using organic foods has continued to grow and spread all over the world. Aside from its effects on the environment, most parents are driven to opt for organic foods because of health concerns for their children.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing organic foods and these benefits do not only involve your baby’s health.

  • Pesticide-free Options. Organic foods do contain fewer pesticides. Since children are most vulnerable to chemical exposure because they eat, drink and breathe more, you are choosing a healthier and safer option for your children. Exposure to harmful pesticides can actually cause health problems as well as developmental and behavioral problems in infants and older children.
  • Organic Tastes Better. Organic foods do taste better. While this may be an individual preference, many people who have tried organic attest that organic foods taste better. This is the same thing with giving organic formula to your baby. Organic formula tastes better as it does not contain artificial flavoring, preservatives, and other chemicals.
  • Better for the Environment. Organic is definitely better for the environment. With going organic, pollution is reduced, water is conserved, and energy is not wasted.
  • Organic is More Nutritious. Organic foods including milk formula offer more nutrients. Organic milk contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants compared to conventional milk formula.
  • Non-GMO Option. Organic foods and milk formula do not contain genetically modified organism ingredients. Such ingredients may cause more harm than good to one’s health.

The Five Best Organic Formula 

Parents would always want the safest and healthiest feeding options for babies. Here are five of the best organic formula supplements in the market.

This organic formula from Similac contains an exclusive blend of nutrients to support your baby’s growth and development.

This formula contains an exclusive blend of vitamin E, lutein, and DHA, which are naturally found in human breast milk. Vitamin E supports the development of cells in the body while lutein promotes eye health. Lastly, DHA supports the optimum development of your baby’s brain.

This Non-GMO infant formula is a nutritionally complete milk-based formula that is fortified with iron. This organic formula is designed to support your baby’s developing the brain, immune system, eyes, and bones.


  • Organic and does not contain genetically modified ingredients
  • Fortified with iron
  • Contains an exclusive blend of vitamin E, lutein, and DHA
  • Support baby’s developing the brain, immune system, eyes, and bones.


  • May cause gas and intestinal upset in some babies

This organic formula offers the best nutrients that your baby needs. This formula is patterned after breast milk. It contains high-quality proteins, vitamins, mineral, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids like DHA and ARA.

DHA and ARA are essential to your baby’s mental as well as visual development. In fact, these fatty acids are naturally found in human breast milk.

This milk supplement has whey to casein ratio that is almost similar to that of breast milk. In addition, Earth’s Best organic formula is easy to digest and nutritionally complete. It formulated to meet all the FDA requirements for infant nutrition.


  • Patterned after breast milk
  • Contains high-quality proteins, vitamins, mineral, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids
  • Organic and does not contain any genetically modified ingredients
  • Easy to digest and nutritionally complete


  • May contain syrup solids as sweetener
  • May form clumps when not properly mixed with water

Plum Organics Grow Well Organic Formula is designed and formulated to nourish babies with high-quality proteins, nutrients, and carbohydrates. This does not contain corn-derived sugars as a sweetener. Instead, this contains only organic lactose.

This milk formula is definitely one of the best organic formulas in the market. It supports your baby’s growth and development with its healthy and organic ingredients.


  • Organic and does not contain genetically modified ingredients
  • Uses lactose instead of corn-derived sugars
  • Does not cause over-feeding and subsequent obesity
  • Supports baby’s growth and development


  • Contains soy oil

Baby’s Only Organic Dairy Infant Formula is formulated to provide safe nutrition for your baby. It contains organic ingredients that support your baby’s optimum growth and development.

In addition to lactose, this milk formula contains organic brown syrup as a carbohydrate source because it is gluten free, well tolerated, and non-allergenic.

Moreover, brown rice syrup is a source of complex carbohydrates which promotes slower rate of digestion, stabilization of energy levels and hunger levels, release of energy over a longer period of time, and reduction of the risk of dental carries and weight gain

This milk formula does not contain DHA and ARA. However, this does contain sufficient amounts of linoleic fatty acid and linolenic fatty acid which are also essential fatty acids and precursors of fat from which ARA and DHA are made in the body.


  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Gluten free, well tolerated and non-allergenic
  • Promotes slower rate of digestion, stabilization of energy levels and hunger levels,


  • Contains other carbohydrate sources aside from lactose

Enfamil Infant Non-GMO Formula is tailored and formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your baby. In fact, this is part of the Enfamil Staged Nutrition, which is program inspired by the shifting nutrition of the human breast milk.

This formula is incorporated with ingredients that are not genetically modified. Also, it contains important nutrients like choline and DHA to support your baby’s growth and development.

This organic formula is formulated with Natural Defense Dual Prebiotics blend which is designed to support your baby’s natural defenses. Moreover, their formula blend is designed closer to mature breast milk.


  • Inspired by the shifting nutrition of the human breast milk
  • Contains nutrients like choline and DHA
  • Mixes easily
  • Easy to digest


  • May cause stomach irritation or gas in some babies
  • Causes stains


Breast milk is still the best for babies. However, there are milk supplements that you can provide your child if exclusive breastfeeding is not achievable or that you are in need to supplement your breast milk. If you take this feeding route, choosing the safest and healthiest milk formula is something that you should consider.

An organic milk formula is your best option and one of the best ones in the market is the Similac Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula. This milk formula has clearly beaten the best of the best organic formulas in the market.

This organic formula from Similac contains an exclusive blend of nutrients to support your baby’s growth and development.

How about you? Are you able to choose the safest milk formula for your baby? Help other mothers choose their baby’s milk formula wisely. Share this article with them!

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