How To Pick The Best Bottle Warmer For Breast Milk (Reviews 2017)

Having a bottle warmer would make the life of new parents more convenient. The best bottle warmer for breast milk can accelerate the warming process of the bottles so parents can attend the needs of their babies immediately. These devices also ensure that the milk is heated up equally without hot spots.


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How To Warm Up A Baby Bottle

Parents can warm up the bottles by swirling them under warm tap water. Another option is to soak the bottles in a small basin of warm water. These methods require constant focus which can be hard when the parents need to accommodate their crying babies. Having the best bottle warmer for breast milk allows parents to focus on the other needs of their babies while preparing their bottles.

Ideally, milk should have a temperature of 36 to 38 degrees Celsius or 96.8 to 100.4 Fahrenheit to mimic the body’s natural heat. Those who are warming up more than two bottles a day and prefer milk to have the accurate temperature find it convenient to have a bottle warmer. These baby essentials are designed to help parents save time especially during night time feedings.

Warm Bath Versus Steam Heat

The two main types of bottle warmers are water bath and steam heat.

Water Bath – This technology heats up the bottles consistently without increasing the required temperature. Because breast milk contains essential nutrients that babies need for proper development, it is vital to preserve its content by heating up the milk gently. The heat circulates around the bottle to make sure that the infants can acquire maternal antibodies and maximal nutrients. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer is included in our list, which uses a water bath technology.

Steam Heat – In this technology, water is placed inside the unit to produce steam. These devices heat up faster than water baths, but the temperature can be very high. After the heating cycle, the bottle can be too hot to touch, and parents need extra time to cool it down. Also, steam technology does not heat up the milk evenly and increases the risk of burn when spillage occurs. High temperature also reduces the nutrients present in breast milk.

How To Choose The Best Bottle Warmer For Breast Milk

How To Choose The Best Bottle Warmer For Breast Milk

With a wide variety of bottle warmers available in the market, selecting the right one can be time-consuming. To help parents choose the best bottle warmer for breast milk, here are the features that you might need to look for.

1. Heating

The main reason why parents opt for a bottle warmer is to heat up the baby bottles efficiently in a time-saving manner. This is very necessary especially for babies who are still drinking breast milk. Overheated breast milk will cancel out the nutrients. It is important to heat up the breast milk properly with the best bottle warmer for breast milk to keep the essential nutrients.

Bottle warmers come with many heating options that allow parents to keep the bottles warm or heat up a bottle quickly. After pressing the button, parents can focus on the other needs of their little ones, such as changing the diaper or clothes.

2. Safety

The best bottle warmer for breast milk offers safety features to prevent the device from overheating. Most units like the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer by The First Years shut off automatically once the water level is low or when it has reached the right temperature. In addition to the automatic shut off, some bottle warms offer a “keep warm” option to maintain the temperature of the bottle. This is convenient when parents have to do other tasks at the same time.

Is the unit using a water bath or steam? You might also want to know how high the temperature the device can go. Over 199 degrees Fahrenheit can be unsafe when it comes to warming up breast milk.

3. Easy To Use And Clean

After using the bottle warmer for breast milk for some time, molds or mineral deposits may gather. Maintaining the cleanliness and function of the device is important to make sure that it won’t have a negative impact on the health of your little one.

When looking for the best bottle warmer for breast milk, you would want the device that contains lesser parts to assemble and reassemble. This allows parents to clean the unit effortlessly. Bottle warmers that are easy to use allow parents to heat up the bottles instantly while calming their crying babies. You would want to use a device that provides readable dials.

4. Portable And Space-Saver

Other features that you would want to look for a bottle warmer are portability and space saving. Like Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer, these attributes let parents warm up the bottles anywhere you are, especially when the whole family is traveling. You would also want a bottle warmer that would not occupy too much space to provide you peace of mind.

Parents would also want other features like beeps or signals to let you know once the bottles are ready to use.

Best Bottle Warmer For Breast Milk

Looking for the right bottle warmer for your daily needs can be a chore. To help parents decide, we have listed our top 5 best bottle warmer for breast milk.

The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer by The First Years has a compact design that heats up baby bottles fast and effectively. Parents will only have to add water using the measuring vial and press the provided button to heat up formula or breast milk within few minutes. This bottle warmer also includes an auto-shut off feature to let you know once the warming process is done.

In addition to warming up the bottles, Quick Serve Bottle Warmer also comes with a basket that sterilizes pacifiers. It can also warm up baby food, giving parents an all-in-one device.


  • This bottle warmer comes with an auto-shut off feature that helps busy parents determine when the baby bottle is ready.
  • The basket and basket insert can warm up baby food jars and sterilize the pacifiers, which are helpful when attending the needs of the babies.
  • Quick Serve Bottle Warmer comes with a compact design that heats up bottles efficiently, including angled, wide-necked, straight, and disposable ones.
  • It comes with a measuring vial to make sure that the water used is accurate for heating up the bottles.


  • Putting water needs accurate detail and work to prevent uneven distribution of heat, which may cause trouble during night time feedings.
  • Parents need to refill the water for every use.

The Bottle Warmer by Kiinde provides easy and safe warming process. It uses a water bath technology that gently warms up breast milk based on the CDC and USDA guidance. This unit does not require users to add or measure water for every use. With a timer included, it lets parents know the remaining time before the milk is ready.

This unit also features auto shutoff, and it removes the heat source to prevent the bottle from overheating. This bottle warmer for breast milk also accommodates formula, liner bottles, storage bags and food jars.


  • Kozzi Bottle Warmer uses convective heating that warms up the bottles fast, consistent, and conveniently.
  • This unit’s onboard reservoir does not require adding or measuring water with every use, which is useful when it comes to night time feedings.
  • Parents can use this device to thaw and warm frozen breast milk storage bags from the freezer. It can also be used for formula, liner bottles, glass, and plastic food jars.
  • This product has an auto shutoff feature that completely removes the heat source to prevent the bottle from overheating.
  • The timer allows parents to see the remaining time before the meal is prepared.


  • Some customers have reported issues concerning durability.

This bottle warmer by Dr. Brown warms up bottles and food jars efficiently and quickly. It uses steam heat that can accommodate several bottles before parents have to refill the chamber. The basket is also adjustable to fit different sizes of baby bottles.

The alarm goes off to let you know when the heating cycle is done and it turns off automatically after ten minutes of not using. Heating up 2 – 3 ounce of cold bottle in less than three minutes, Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer is also useful for heating up baby food.


  • This bottle warmer by Dr. Brown comes with a removable and adjustable basket that is ideal not only for baby bottles but also for baby food jars.
  • The LCL control panel allows parents to adjust the settings easily.
  • Alarm lets you know once the heating cycle is finished. This unit also powers off automatically after ten minutes of no use.
  • The steam heat can warm up several bottles so parents do not have to refill the water chamber every use.
  • The lid prevents the dirt from accumulating inside.


  • This bottle warmer has a narrow opening and may be difficult to clean.
  • The opaque water reservoir may make it difficult to determine the water level.

This steam heat technology bottle warmer by Boon heats up the bottles and meals without hotspots. Orb Bottle Warmer evenly warms up any bottle size, including regular, wide neck, angled, silicone, and disposable bottles.

In addition to baby bottles, it also comes with a basket that accommodates baby food jars. With a stable non-skid base, this bottle warmer also offers an auto-off feature once the heating process is complete.

The sphere-shaped bottle warmer includes a graduated tube to measure water accurately. Once the heating process is complete, this unit turns off automatically to prevent the bottle from overheating.


  • The Orb Bottle Warmer heats up baby food and baby bottles without hotspots. The warming chamber can also fit most bottle types.
  • It comes with a graduated tube to measure the water accurately for steam.
  • This device has an integrated auto-off feature, which is useful when parents are attending other needs of their babies.
  • This bottle warmer has a cool design that may complement any kitchen.


  • Light on the front goes off once the heating process is done. Without a sound alert, a simple light may not be enough when the parents have to attend the other needs of their little ones.

This bottle warmer by Goloho comes with a stainless steel warming chamber for efficient thermal conduction. It heats and thaws safely, evenly, and quickly.

Accommodating most standard and wide neck baby bottles, this device is easy to clean, which is important to prevent bacteria, germs, rust, and corrosion. The temperature controls allow parents to reduce the risk of hot spots or uneven heating when warming up baby food, formula, and breast milk.

In addition to baby meals, this bottle warmer is also used for sterilizing pacifiers. It also comes with extra bonus gifts, such as a bottle brush and a high-quality cleaning cloth.


  • Baby Bottle Warmer by Goloho uses stainless steel warming chamber to heat and thaw quickly and evenly.
  • The design of the unit makes it easy for parents to clean it up and prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria.
  • This unit includes a bottle brush and a high-quality cloth in the package.
  • The integrator sensor keeps the formula or breast milk at the right temperature without using steam heat.
  • The easy temperature controls make sure that there are no hot spots to preserve the nutrients of breast milk.


  • This device does not have an auto-off feature.


Each bottle warmers has its pros and cons. When looking for the best bottle warmer for breast milk, it is important to consider the features that you are aiming at. While all these units can speed up the heating process of the baby bottles and foods, we recommend Dr. Brown's Deluxe Baby Bottle Warmer.

This unit can warm up not only baby bottles but also food jars. The LCL control allows parents to adjust the settings and an alarm also goes off to let you know when the meal is ready. The water reservoir is also enough to warm up several bottles, which is convenient during night time feedings. After ten minutes of no use, this bottle warmer shuts off automatically.


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