Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces: A Tool For Breastfeeding Mothers

It is a terrible feeling to hear your baby crying in pain from their teething experience. For a mother that breastfeed, this can be an even more difficult situation. All you want to do is help you baby, and keep them healthy. They can’t be healthy if they don't want to breastfeed so helping with their teething symptoms will help keep them healthy and happy. 

Baltic amber teething necklaces are a safe and natural method to help teething symptoms. It can limit the amount of medication you have to give your child, giving you greater peace of mind.


What Are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces?

Baltic amber teething necklaces are made to be worn by a baby when they are in the teething process. As your baby wears the necklace, their body heats up that necklace and realizes oils containing succinic acid. This natural acid gets absorbed into your baby’s bloodstream and helps ease your baby’s pain.

There are other kinds of amber besides Baltic amber, but it is a preferred amber for these necklaces. This is because Baltic amber comes from the fossilized resin in the sap of conifer trees. These trees grow in cold and dark. It is what makes the amber from this region so unique and effective.

The Colors And Types Of Baltic Amber Necklaces

Baltic amber necklaces come in a variety of colors and textures. The colors you will most likely be able to buy include:

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The most common color range from a light yellow to a deep orange. Most also have a milky haze on the outside. It is important to only purchase necklaces that have smooth rounded beads that have threaded to the necklace many times. Jagged beads can scratch and irritate a baby’s skin. They are not the best teething necklaces that you can find. Also, you don’t want to risk the beads simply falling off the necklace so it is important to ensure that each bead is individually, and tightly attached to the necklace.

What Teething Necklaces Aren’t

Baltic amber teething necklace for baby are not teething toys. They are not made to be chewed or gummed in order to get relief. A simple and effective method to get something that is safe to gum is freezing a wet washcloth or letting them have a few teething biscuits.

Also, these necklaces shouldn't be worn at night for two reasons. First, during the night is a common time for a baby to wan to gum on something, and the necklace would be a close option.

Another potential problem for using them at night is that your baby could get caught up in it. It is best to avoid both of these situations.

Teething necklaces are also ineffective if they are not authentic so it is important to only buy from reputable dealers that offer guarantees. Baltic Wonder is a company that stands behind the many amber necklaces they sell. If you follow these basic tips you can have a long-lasting, natural remedy for the symptoms of teething.


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