How To Choose The Best Stroller For Toddler Of 2017

A stroller is an essential baby gear that is beneficial for both parents and child. This baby gear may be used right after birth until the child becomes a toddler.

If you want what is best for your child, you have to be carefully in choosing your baby gears. Likewise, you have to pick the right stroller for your child. Here are some tips for finding the right one for your child.


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Choosing Strollers Wisely


With the different kinds of strollers available in the market, it can be difficult to tell which one is the best stroller for a toddler. Moreover, there are also a lot of things that you need to consider.

For instance, the place where you live may influence your choice in strollers. In addition, the place where you are expected to use the stroller plays an important part in your choice. Lastly, your budget will also affect your choice.

If you are buying a stroller to be used in urban walks, you must get a sturdy but easy to maneuver the stroller. However, if you are living in a suburban or rural area, you might want to consider getting a stroller that can easily be folded and will fit in your car.

If you are using a stroller to run quick errands, you might want to get a car seat stroller frame. However, if you have an active lifestyle and want to bring your child while jogging or hiking, you should consider getting a rugged jogging stroller.

The Different Types Of Strollers


Before you can choose the best stroller for a toddler, you have to know the different types of strollers. When you know the types of strollers, you can easily pick one that would suit you and your baby’s needs and preferences.

1. Standard Stroller

Standard Stroller comes in various styles and designs. However, most models of this type come with a padded seat which can recline into different positions, sunshades and a storage area below the seat. Some models can be shifted from one orientation to another.

2. Car Seat Stroller Frame

Car Seat Stroller Frame is characterized by a lightweight metal frame that is designed to hold specific types of infant car seat. This type of stroller is simple to use. However, this is not ideal for bigger babies.

3. Travel Systems

Travel Systems comprises a jogging or standard stroller that can also hold an infant car seat. This type of stroller is usually heavier, larger and more expensive compared to the car seat stroller frame. However, this can be used even after your child outgrows his infant car seat.

4. Lightweight Stroller

This is also referred to as umbrella stroller. This type of stroller usually weighs less than 12 pounds. Moreover, this stroller can be compactly folded.

Lightweight Stroller does not come with much padding and may not be very adjustable compared to other types of strollers.

5. Jogging Stroller

Jogging Stroller comes with three bicycle wheels on a lightweight frame. This is great for parents who are fond of bringing their child while hiking or jogging. This stroller is designed to deliver a smooth right for both the passenger and the pusher.

6. Double And Triple Stroller

This type of stroller comprises of two or more strollers that are attached together, allowing the parent to push two or more children at once. This type of stroller may come in tandem styles or side by side designs.

Features To Consider In A Stroller


Before purchasing a stroller, you have to check its features and make sure that it suits your needs and preferences. There are several features that you should consider in buying a stroller.

1. Lock Safety

Safety should be your number one priority in purchasing not just a stroller but also other types of baby gears. Before buying a stroller, you need to check whether it is safe for your child.

In checking safety features of a stroller, you should check the lock mechanism of the stroller and make sure that it is easy to use. You also have to test the locks and make sure that it stays in position.

2. Seat Harness


The seat harness is another important feature that you should check in a stroller. The seat must come with a restraint system in a five point harness. The harness must wrap between the legs, around the waist and down over the shoulders.

You should also check the buckles of the harness and make sure that it is easy to unhook but secure enough for your child.

3. Adjustable Seat

You should also check the seat of the stroller and make sure that it reclines to several positions. You have to make sure that the mechanism is stable and easy to use.

4. Maneuverability

This is another important feature to check in a stroller. Before purchasing a stroller, you have to test and make sure that it follows a straight line when pushed or that it can be turned using one hand.

You should also check the wheels in front and at the rear and make sure that it comes with swiveling wheels.

5. Brakes And Handle Height


The brakes must be easy to operate. For those who are looking for a jogging stroller, you might want to go for breaks that can easily be operated using one hand. Foot brakes must be available as well.

The height of the handle is something that you should consider as well. Most strollers are designed with standard handle height. However, if you are taller or shorter, you might want to consider handle extensions to ensure that the handle is at your waist level or slightly below.

6. Sunshade And Storage Areas

The sunshade of the stroller must be adjustable and the fabric must be able to protect your child from ultraviolet rays. The fabric must also be removable for easier maintenance.

Storage areas must be available. In standard strollers, this is typically located under the seat. However, if you want more storage areas, you should consider getting a stroller with roomier storage capacity.

Top Five Strollers For Toddlers

This stroller is designed exclusively for the Keyfit infant car seat. This stroller features an easy as well as secure click-in car seat attachment.

This lightweight and compact car seat carrier were designed to supplement a full-feature travel system.

This stroller frame comes with lightweight and compact aluminum frame that can be easily folded using one hand. Moreover, this comes with an expandable basket that can fit large diaper bags and four position height adjustable handle.

Additional features of this stroller frame include toe-tap locking brakes, full feature parent tray, and an all-wheel suspension.


  • The car seat locks into securely and safely.
  • A roomy storage space, which is great for bigger diaper bags.
  • Compact and lightweight and can be folded using one hand.
  • The toe-tap locking brakes are both safe and secure.


  • The handle may not be as adjustable as other stroller models.
  • This stroller frameworks only with a specific infant car seat model.

The 3Dlite stroller offers exceptional performance and durability at its finest. This stroller comes with a lightweight and durable aluminum frame.

To ensure child safety, this stroller features a large seat area with a five-point safety harness. The seats can also be reclined into different positions.

This stroller is designed with anti-shock front wheels as well as lockable wheels at the rear end. In addition, this stroller comes with an extra large storage basket and a rear storage pocket.

To protect your child from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, this stroller is designed with an adjustable and removable canopy with a flip out sun visor.

This stroller can be folded in three easy steps. First, you simply have to lift the handle, push the lever using your foot, fold down and you are good to go.


  • This stroller is super lightweight can easily be pushed around.
  • A large seat area with a five-point safety harness
  • Designed with anti-shock front wheels as well as lockable wheels at the rear end
  • The adjustable and removable canopy is great protection against the sun.
  • This comes with a generous storage space.


  • May take a time to reduce and store with its three-step fold.

The Graco LiteRider Travel System offers a complete system with its Click Connect Stroller and SnugRide infant car seat. This can carry babies weighing up to 30 pounds.

The stroller connects with to the infant car seat through a secure, one-second attachment, making it one of the best lightweight strollers today.

This stroller features easy maneuvering with its lockable front swivel wheels and its tough built in suspension. This stroller can also be easily folded, making storage and travel simpler and easier.

This stroller comes with soft fabrics and padded seat to add comfort to your child. You can find the right position with the seat’s reclining mechanism.


  • Carry babies weighing up to 30 pounds.
  • Can be easily folded using one hand.
  • Locking front swivel wheel, which allows easier maneuverability.
  • This comes with canopy shades as well as a peek-a-boo window.
  • Soft fabrics and padded seat to add comfort to your child


  • The seats of this stroller can only be reclined in two positions.

The Range Jogging stroller is great for those parents who are fond of bringing their child during jogging or hiking. This stroller features hi-impact composite and lightweight all terrain wheels, which is great for hiking.

This stroller can also be easily maneuvered with its lockable front swivel wheel. In addition, this stroller comes with an extra wide and ergonomically shaped rubber handle for a secure grip.

You can easily reduce the stroller in a compact unit with its effortless trigger fold. Other great features of this stroller include a child tray with two cup holders, a multi-position and reclining seat and five-point harness system for your child’s safety.


  • This comes with a five-point harness and tether strap.
  • Can easily be maneuvered with its front wheels.
  • With its effortless trigger fold, you can easily reduce the strollers size and store it.


  • The seat’s reclining system do not go all the way down, which may be difficult if your child is sleeping.

This stroller is perfect for daily adventures and great for children who weigh up to 75 pounds. This is an ideal all-terrain stroller with its great features in safety and comfort.

You can easily maneuver this stroller as this features a swiveling and locking front wheels. You can easily maneuver it in tight turns. The wheels also lock forward for stability when jogging.

This stroller features air filled tires on its high impact polymer wheels, ensuring a smooth ride whether you are on road or off road.

This stroller comes with a padded handlebar that can be adjusted in nine positions, making this a great choice for parents of all heights.

With its adjustable suspension system, you are guaranteed an ultra smooth ride. You can easily fold this stroller in two steps.


  • Easily be maneuvered whether you are jogging or walking with its swiveling and locking front wheels.
  • This stroller is sturdy.
  • A padded handlebar that can be adjusted in nine positions
  • Can easily be reduced and stored.


  • The foam padding can easily crack after several uses. You may also need to replace the entire handlebar as the foam pads are not removable.
  • This stroller is heavy and bulky.


Finding the best stroller for a toddler is an important challenge that many parents face. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you are able to make the right choice. 

If you take the time to know more about your options, you can definitely pick the best stroller for your child.

The Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame has definitely surpassed the other strollers in terms of performance, durability and safety features.

With its great features, you know you are getting a full travel system.gear may be used right after birth until the child becomes a toddler.


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