Best Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers In 2017 (Short Buying Guide Included)

Whether we are strolling outside or traveling, we always make sure that our little one has enough milk, diaper, powder, extra clothes, toys, and everything that he or she needs. Having the best diaper bag for cloth diapers helps parents reduce stress and organize. It is an easy way to store the baby’s items while the family is away from home.


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Types Of Diaper Bag

One of the important things that new mothers and fathers will never leave home without is their babies’ diaper bag. A diaper bag is the parents’ safety net when traveling. It contains fresh diapers, warm blanket, and pacifiers that can make the baby comfortable at all times.

These bags may come with stylish patterns and multiple pockets to accommodate the baby’s necessities. Before you explore the market for the best diaper bag for cloth diapers, take some time to check the types of diaper bags.

1. Tote Diaper Bags

This style is the most common type of diaper bag as it is designed to appeal moms who like to carry bags on their arms. A tote is a bigger handbag like Designer Canvas by Hip Cub, and it provides large handles that look like a trendy purse. These bags are easy to use and usually come with detachable straps so you can transform it from a handbag into a cross-body bag or backpack.

2. Cross-Body

This type of diaper bag offers a sporty appearance, which is popular among the fathers. Many mothers also like the cross-body bag as it lets their hands be free while carrying their little one.

3. Backpack Diaper Bag

This style allows equal distribution of the weight over your shoulders. Backpack diaper bag also lets parents use their both hands to carry or hold their kid. Most parents choose backpack style as the best diaper bag for cloth diapers when it comes to traveling purposes.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Diaper Bag

Choosing A Diaper Bag

When looking for the best diaper bag for cloth diapers, here are some features that you need to consider.

1. Storage

The best diaper bag for cloth diapers provides more than enough space and multiple pockets for all baby essentials. In addition to cloth diapers, you will need to include wipes, a water bottle, milk, snacks, extra clothes, nursing cover, binkies, and rash cream.

An ideal bag should also be able to accommodate parents’ valuable items, including wallet, cellphone, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, and reading materials. One of our top picks is JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag, which provides spacious interior and front pockets.

2. Quality And Cost

The quality is one of the things that parents should consider when looking for the best diaper bag for cloth diapers. This is a great investment item that you will be using for many years. Before making a purchase, check the construction, seams, materials used, as well as function.

Keep in mind that these bags can get worn out and dirty easily. Look for a bag that has strong and finished seams, adjustable and padded straps, and metal zippers with large teeth.

The cost of the item usually depends on the quality and brand. You can purchase a stylish diaper bag yet practical and durable for $30 to $45, like Black and White Strip Diaper Bag by Hip Cub. Opting for mid-range prices ($60-$100) may get you a quality bag that can be used even when your precious little one no longer needs diapers.

High-end items ($100 - $300+) come with more features and styles like the Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag of Ju-Ju-Be. Remember that a greater investment might not deliver a better return when it comes to durability and convenience.

3. Features

Whether you want a more compact bag or spacious for long travels, here are some features that you might want to consider when choosing the best diaper bag for cloth diapers.

  • Changing Pad – Many diaper bags include a changing pad that can be easily wiped clean and folded up. The changing pads fit into a separated pocket to keep it from infecting other the rest of the items.
  • Fabric – A microfiber or moisture-resistant nylon bag is more convenient so you can easily wipe it inside and out. Watch out for vinyl bags if you are living in cold regions as they crack easily in low temperatures.
  • Handles – Handbag style diaper bags should be long enough so it can be carried over the shoulder, but short enough so it does not touch the ground when carrying it like a suitcase. Many diaper bags come with detachable straps that allow users to convert them into a messenger bag or backpack. Many diaper bags also include a sternum strap that links the shoulder straps for even weight distribution.
  • Color – Most manufacturers offer baby colors to reflect the characteristics of the babies. However, dark colors for the exterior might be an excellent choice for you if want a diaper bag that is less likely to show stains or dirt. Bright colors for the interior allow parents to see all items inside the bag easily.

Best Diaper Bag For Cloth Diapers

To help parents look for a must-have diaper bag, we have conducted a research and came up with these best diaper bag for cloth diapers.

This diaper bag by Hip Cub comes with a black and white stripe design that is fashionable and practical enough for parents. It includes adjustable shoulder strap, stroller straps, and short handles for easy access.

The main compartment and two internal pockets are secured with a zipper. There are also two side pockets for snacks and bottles and two external pockets for wet items.

Weighing 1.6 pounds, this baby essential comes with a matching changing pad that allows parents to clean up their babies comfortably. This spacious and stylish bag provides enough room twins without getting a bulky appearance.


  • Fashionable style and practical for everyday use. The handles are big enough to carry over the shoulder comfortably.
  • This diaper bag provides 7 pockets to keep items organized: 1 main compartment, 2 internal compartments, 2 side pockets, and 2 external pockets.
  • Convertible into messenger or cross-body bag that is easy to adjust.
  • The interior is wipeable, allowing parents to clean up spills effortlessly.
  • It comes with a matching changing pad.


  • If you are prioritizing interior organization, this bag might not be the best for you.
  • The black color of the changing pad fades quickly.

This diaper bag by JJ Cole provides a spacious interior that allows parents to pack the essential items of their little ones. It also comes with multiple organizational compartments so you can organize your baby’s needs throughout the day. This stylish and fully functional bag for everyday moms and dads provides front pockets that can hold important things like pacifiers, wipes, keys, cellphone, and sunglasses.

Weighing 1.9 pounds, JJ Cole Backpack comes with a detachable padded shoulder strap and grips for stroller attachments. This gray diaper bag also includes a changing pad to give your baby a clean surface when you are cleaning your little one up. This changing pad is foldable and easily slides in a separate pocket.


  • This diaper bag offers multiple pockets and spacious interiors, giving plenty of rooms to keep everything that your baby needs.
  • A changing pad is included that helps parents provide a clean place for their babies to lay down.
  • This backpack diaper bag provides an optional shoulder strap so you can convert it into a messenger bag if desired for short walks.
  • The sturdy fabric is easy to clean inside and out.
  • Grips stroller attachments are also included to easily secure the diaper bag to a stroller, allowing parents to find and access all items quickly.
  • The color and design of this diaper bag is suitable even for dads.


  • The front pockets for keys, phone, or wallet are small and tight.
  • The materials used for the exterior is not water proof.

This Duo Signature Diaper Bag by Skip Hop comes with a new zip-top closure to keep your items safe. Tote handles are also included for an easy-access pocket and versatility. Like most diaper bags available in the market, this stylish diaper bag can be easily converted from a tote bag, shoulder bag, and to a stroller bag.

Weighing 1.4 pounds, it provides 10 pockets, including 2 elasticized side pockets for bottles. This diaper bag also comes with adjustable shoulder strap with slip-on shoulder pad and a cushioned changing pad. Duo Signature can also accommodate laptops and tablets up to 15 inches.


  • This diaper bag by Skip Hop provides 10 pockets that let parents bring all the baby’s important items, including theirs.
  • It comes with a cushioned changing pad that matches the color of the bag.
  • This bag can be converted from a handbag to a shoulder bag. It can also be strapped neatly on a stroller.
  • Provides enough space to hold tablets and laptops.
  • BPA-free and Phthalate-free


  • This bag is kind of narrow and might not be ideal for traveling purposes.
  • The design of this diaper bag is very feminine and may not be ideal for dads.

This diaper bag by Bag Nation offers 14 pockets that let you organize your little one’s supplies and your items conveniently. This bag keeps both your hands free so you can assist your baby without any difficulties. The padded straps also lighten the load even when full to prevent the shoulders from getting hurt.

Weighing 2.4 pounds, Diaper Bag Backpack by Bag Nation comes with free sundry bag and changing mat. The unisex design of this backpack is also suitable for dads on duties. It is also made of water-resistant materials so parents can easily wipe spills.


  • This diaper bag has 14 multi-sized pockets that give a lot of rooms for diapers, wipes, clothes, and other essential items of both babies and parents.
  • It comes with a free changing mat and sundry bag.
  • Ergonomically padded shoulder straps to reduce strain on the shoulders.
  • High-quality water resistant and includes an insulated bottle pocket.
  • This diaper bag has adjustable straps that can be attached to the stroller.
  • Its design and dark exterior color are perfect for both moms and dads.
  • BPA and phosphate free.


  • It produces a plastic smell during the first few days of use.

This Convertible Diaper Bag by Ju-Ju-Be comes with multiple pockets so you can arrange all baby necessities in one place. It also includes mommy pockets that let you keep keys, phone, glasses, and other accessories. This flexible and organized bag is machine washable, which saves parents a lot of time when it comes to cleaning. It also includes optional shoulder straps so you can wear it as a backpack or a messenger bag.

Weighing 2.5 pounds, BFF Convertible Diaper Bag has a Teflon fabric protector and Agion treatment. It inhibits the growth of mold, bacteria, and mildew and prevents odor.


  • This diaper bag provides spacious compartments not only for baby essentials but also for other accessories like smartphones, glasses, and keys.
  • One of its features is crumb drains that maintain the cleanliness of the bag at all times.
  • It comes with an optional messenger strap or shoulder strap so it can be converted into a cross-body bag.
  • This diaper bag comes with a changing pad.
  • It contains a Teflon fabric and Agion treatment to prevent the growth of odor-causing microorganisms.
  • BFF Convertible diaper bag is machine-washable.


  • The price is a bit high.


Looking for the best diaper bag for cloth diapers can be tough as we all want the best for our little ones. All these products listed offer features that are beneficial for both baby and parents. While all these diaper bags mentioned above are great, the most recommended are Diaper Bag Backpack by Bag Nation.

This diaper bag can hold the important items while freeing up both hands. It also comes with high-quality water-resistant twill polyester which lessens your worry when it comes to spills. The design of this bag is also suitable for both moms and dads, and it comes with free changing mat and sundry bag.


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