What Are The Best Baby Monitor For Twins? (2017 Edition)

In addition to cribs, strollers, and mats, baby monitors are also included on the shopping lists of many parents. While these items are not considered as a necessity, the best baby monitor for twins can help parents ensure that their little ones are safe and sound even if they are just a few steps away.

The most common and simplest baby monitors transmit audio only. Other monitors can transmit both audio and images, while high-end monitors are able to track the baby’s oxygen level, temperature, movements, and heart rate. Some monitors are integrated with desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones so that parents can watch their babies anywhere they are.


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What To Look For When Buying Best Baby Monitor For Twins?

What To Look For When Buying Best Baby Monitor For Twins

With so many baby monitors available in the market, looking for the best one for your babies can be tough. Here are the things to consider when buying for the best baby monitor for twins.

1. Sound Range, Sensitivity, And Interference

While analog baby monitors are less expensive than digital ones, other baby monitors within the range can get the transmissions. Digital monitors make it impossible for strangers to listen to the signal, which gives you and your babies more privacy. Some monitors also provide a digital lock feature to secure video images. For more privacy, parents opt for the best baby monitor for twins that use DECT (digital enhanced cordless communication).

2. Audio, Images, And Video

Audio-only baby monitors like Philips Advent DECT Baby Monitor take up a small amount of space and are also less expensive. You might also want to consider video monitors that offer numerous features like cameras that you can zoom. Video monitors use one or more cameras to stream footage to the receiver. The latest versions of the best baby monitor for twins can be integrated with smart devices that allow parents to watch their babies using a computer, laptop, or smartphone.

3. Battery Life And Indicator

You will want a baby monitor that can last throughout the day without being charged. It is also best to consider a battery life indicator to determine if the batteries are running out of energy easily. Some baby monitors, like Digital Color Video Baby Monitor by Summer Infant, come with a flashing light system or an alarm to let the guardians know when it is time to change the batteries.

4. Night Vision

To achieve a complete peace of mind, monitors with night vision feature allow guardians to see their little ones even during the night using infrared LCDS. This lets you determine who cries at night at what exactly happens.

5. Sensor Pads

There are also baby monitors that can track the baby’s moving patterns and breathing. Having sensor pads under the babies’ cot mattresses, these models have advantages and disadvantages. Many parents find these devices reassuring but they may give false alarms. For instance, when the baby crawls outside the area of the mattress and the sensor cannot detect him or her. An alarm may also be triggered if the baby does not move for about twenty seconds.

6. Durability

Whether you are doing household chores or attending the needs of one of your babies, monitors may slip out from your hands. Your babies may also accidentally try to grab the monitors and drop it on the floor. You will want a model that can function properly for a long period of time.

7. Range

One of the things that have to be considered when looking for a baby monitor is the range. This indicates how far you can go with the device. A good monitor will let the parent device move more than 80m away from the nursery room and receive an accurate signal. Some manufacturers provide up to 600m if both units are in an open space.

8. Additional Features

Some best baby monitor for twins does not just perform as a tracking device. With technological advancements, more features are added to baby monitors. Some models feature nightlights, baby sounds, and soothing lullabies. These functions can be triggered, even when parents are in a different room.

Talkback is also another useful feature that allows your little ones to hear your voice using a microphone. An SD card slot to record video and sound are also available features on some monitors. Baby monitors like Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor offer split-screen viewing.

Where Will You Use The Baby Monitor?

Before buying the best baby monitor for twins, parents may also consider where it will be used. For large houses, it might be best to get a long-range digital baby monitor. For small homes, basic units could do the work well. For families living in apartment blocks, privacy issues may arise, and monitors that use digital encryption will provide peace of mind.

Parents who are constantly running errands may like a belt clip for the unit. Monitors that offer alert features are also useful if you are busy with household chores.

Best Baby Monitor For Twins

To make your search easier, here is a list of the best baby monitor for twins along with their features.

This baby monitor by VTech comes with two baby units (cameras) and one parent unit (monitor) that offers high resolution 2.8 inch LCD screen. The camera lenses are adjustable so parents can have the best views of their twins.

The cameras can be attached easily to the wall and transmit both audio and video signals up to 1,000 feet. This model also features automatic IR night vision, preset lullabies, and two-way talk-back intercom that allows parents to comfort their babies.

Safe and Sound Video Baby Monitor has a 6-level sound indicator that lets guardians know the noise levels in the nursery room even if the parent unit is on mute.


  • This model allows parents to see and hear their babies on a 2.8 inch LCD screen.
  • It features secure transmission and talk-back intercom that let parents comfort their little ones while attending other household chores.
  • The adjustable cameras use eight infrared LEDS that detect dim light. It also provides clear video in dark rooms.
  • This baby monitor uses DECT 6.0 digital technology that prevents interference and reduces background noise.
  • With 1,000 feet of range, parents can keep an eye on their babies while running around the house.


  • Camera emits bright power light that may illuminate a completely dark room.
  • The cameras cannot be adjusted remotely.

This video baby monitor by Summer Infant can have up to three additional cameras to provide parents the ability to scan two or more rooms. On 8-second rotation, audio and video scan automatically between rooms.

Parents can move freely around and view their babies using a 5.0-inch flat screen monitor that features a color LCD video display. With a range up to 600 feet, this model also comes with a digital zoom for a close-up view.

The infrared LEDs also adjust according to the level of brightness inside the nursery room. They transmit a clear B&W image in low-light and darkened rooms to make sure that the parents can see their twins day and night.


  • This baby monitor comes with a 5.0-inch flat screen LCD display that allows parents to view their babies easily while moving throughout the house.
  • Parents can add up to three additional cameras that can scan more than one room.
  • It comes with a night vision feature that transmits a clear B&W image in darkened or low-light rooms.
  • With a 600-foot range, this model also comes with belt clip, kickstand, brightness controls and adjustable volume.
  • This monitor by Summer Infant ensures a secure connection between the units.


  • Parents have to hold the power button for five seconds or more to turn it on and off.

The Digital Video Baby Monitor by Motorola comes with two cameras with zoom, tilt, and remote pan. The rechargeable parent unit has a 4.3-inch screen that provides enough size to view the twins and can be paired with up to four baby units. It also provides a split-screen viewing that allows parents to watch their two babies in separate cribs at the same time.

This model also comes with a low battery alert, infrared night vision, and room temperature display. Parents can also soothe their babies with the crystal clear two-way communication or by playing lullabies.


  • The parent unit can control the cameras remotely to tilt, pan, and zoom the image. These features are often considered when looking for the best baby monitor for twins.
  • Parents can also enable split-screen viewing to check two rooms or two different angles at the same time.
  • This model features a two-way communication that allows parents to sing or speak to their babies while attending household tasks.
  • To make sure that the nursery room does not get too cold or too hot, this baby monitor displays the right temperature.


  • The power cord is not durable and may stop charging within the year.
  • It is hard to turn it on and off and may interfere with the Wi-Fi reception.

This video baby monitor by Infant Optics comes with a 3.5 inches full-color LCD display that lets parents view their babies while doing other activities. It has ten hours long of battery life on power-saving mode and 6 hours when using the screen.

Parents can customize the viewing zoom and angle of the camera with this device’s innovative lens technology. It can be switched to different lenses within a few seconds to let guardians watch the babies in a full view.

DXR-8 also includes sound activated LEDs that let parents know when the babies are crying. This unit can also be charged from any USB outlets, including computers and laptops.


  • With a sleek, compact design, this baby monitor can last up to 10 hours in power-saving mode.
  • Parents can talk or sing to their babies using the intercom push-to-talk button.
  • DXR-8 has interchangeable lens technology that swaps the lens within seconds: normal, zoom, and wide.
  • Parents can control the direction of the cameras remotely in smooth, quiet, and discrete ways.
  • This model features invisible IR night vision. It also includes a remote in-room temperature display to make sure that your babies are safe and comfortable.


  • The image can be blurry during night time.

This baby monitor by Philips Avent provides a secure private connection and zero interference with its DECT technology. Ranging up to 330 meters, parents can comfort their babies using the talkback feature, lullabies, and night light. The parent unit also comes with a docking station and vibration alert that monitors the temperature of the nursery room.

DECT Baby Monitor also comes with sound activated lights to inform parents when the babies are awake. The parent unit will give alerts when you are out of range or when the battery is running low.


  • This baby monitor uses DECT technology to prevent interference from other devices like smart phones, phones, and other baby monitors. It provides a secure connection to make sure that no other people can listen to the babies.
  • The parent unit has a temperature display to monitor the climate in the nursery room.
  • Ranging up to 330 meters, parents can continue with their work and household activities without interferences.
  • With the talk-back feature, parents can sing and talk to their little ones even from another room.
  • This model emits warm night light and plays lullabies to calm the babies to sleep.


  • It takes a long time to charge the parent unit.


Parents need a reliable and the best baby monitor for twins to continue with their household chores and daily tasks. All the units mentioned above provide excellent features that can give parents relief while running around the house. When it comes to an all-in-one device, the most recommended is Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor.

This device comes with an interchangeable optical lens that allows parents to customize zoom and viewing angle. With normal, zoom, and wide lenses, parents can monitor the babies by capturing the entire room. DXR-8 can also be charged in any USB outlet which gives convenience to parents.


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