Best Infant Carriers Of The Year 2017 For Your Baby

An infant carrier is the only gadget helping you in hand free lifting of the baby against you. The best infant carrier manufactured by a trusted brand and reliable material allows you to perform your activities while carrying the baby.

Both of you and your baby remains comfortable even moving through public crowds. Carrying the baby in the carrier also allows you to concentrate on the road while driving.


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Why And Where Do You Need An Infant Carrier?


The requirement of baby care starts with his first breath of the baby on this planet. No one can care and guard the babies like their own parents. In this modern era, everyone is much busy to take care of his or her babies.

Therefore, having an infant carrier may be helpful to carry the baby while traveling and working.

Although, an infant carrier is not a necessary baby gadget but is helps the parents to keep their baby close to their heart while moving and performing routine tasks at some extant.

What Are The Benefits Of Infant Carrier?


Since I have been using the infant carrier for carrying my baby, I found this invention a great idea. Obviously, the product is the best invention for the parents to keep their loves closer to their heart.

Here I am going to share some of the benefits, I observed when carrying my lovely baby.

  • The Infant carrier is very helpful while driving wrapping your baby against your chest. The moments you keep your baby close to your heart, give you a feeling of satisfaction and love.
  • Like many other parents, I have been living a busy life and it is very difficult to spare few moments to play and love with my lovely baby.
  • Having an infant carrier provides me a lot of time to play and look at the lovely face of my innocent baby. Even I carry my baby along with while walking on the track.
  • Carrying the baby on arms corrugates and irritates the baby. Using the carrier manufactured with the soft material is comfortable even when carrying for longer time.
  • Carrying the baby on the arms produce heat and sweating which produces irritating affects. A soft and airy infant carrier prevents sweating and provides the baby with hygienically safe environment.

How To Choose The Best Infant Carrier?


Size and type of the carrier vary with the age and physic of the baby. Not every carrier may fit your baby or it may create adjustment problems for you also. The following few tips will help you to choose a correct product for your lovely baby.

  • For newborn babies and babies with small built, wrap carrier is more effective and comfortable for the baby and carrier as well. The wrap carrier is manufactured with a supper long piece of stretchable fabric.
  • You tie the wrap carrier around your body then over the shoulder rolling down around mid section of the upper body.
  • For the babies having 8-20 pound weight, a sling carrier is best recommended. You may be interested in sling carrier because of its simple but reliable carrying structure. The sling carrier simply goes around your shoulders covering your torso.
  • If your baby is healthy having 12-30 pound weight, you may not be comfortable with the previous two types of carriers. A padded structure carrier may be suitable for your baby. You can carry on the front and on back as well.
  • A structure carrier provides you multiple positions to carry the baby. The product is more secure and suitable for the baby but may be heavy and weighty for you.

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Precautions And Tips For Using The Infant Carrier


No doubt, the infant carrier is helpful inventions for the parents and for the infants as well. However, negligence in using the product may lead to any unforeseen mishap.

Here are few tips and precautionary measures that may help you to use the infant carries correctly.

  • Using the infant carrier for the first time, need more attention and you also need little bit practice to adjust with the product. For quick learning, you may consult attached user guide or watch videos usually available on the website.
  • On early few days, the baby may not accommodate in the carrier but with the passage of time, the baby will comfortable. I remember that when I put my baby in the carrier for the first time, he started crying. However, after few days use, my lovely did not want to leave the carrier.
  • Best material and reliable construction of the carrier ensure the safety and comfort of the baby. I always prefer safety on the money. I recommend buying only reliable brands of trusted companies as it is the matter of your baby’s life.
  • Using a short and tight carrier irritates the baby rather than keeping in comfort. I recommend replacing the carrier as baby grows up. Always use a perfect size carrier, which fits your baby well and keeps you comfortable while carrying the baby.

The 5 Best Infant Carriers 

After browsing through hundreds of products and using multiple products, I concluded that there are lots of variations between various brands. A customer having a little bit or no knowledge in this field may not be able to buy a reliable and suitable carrier.

As it is defined by its title, 360° Ergonomic Baby is six-position carrier exclusively designed and manufactured for healthy and bulky babies. 100% pure cotton fabric inserted with 3D mesh controls the temperature environment for the baby.

I liked this best infant carrier because of its 6-position carrying feature. Due to this feature the lifespan of the product has been increased and I could be able to carry my baby until he crossed 45 lbs.

The product is costly as compare to other four brands in the best infant carriers review; however, increased lifespan and carrying options are plus point for 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier.

If you feel boring for roaming in the markets for buying a new carrier for every next stage of you baby’s growth, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier may be the best choice for you. After buying this baby carrier, you might not need to buy another carrier.


  • 3D mesh for temperature control
  • 6-position carrying options
  • Long lifespan
  • All seasons use
  • 3 wide padded shoulder straps
  • Lumber support and neck support
  • Sleeping hood
  • Machine washable
  • Custom size adjustable


  • Unsuitable for small built moms/dads

Ergonomic Baby Carrier is the best product with three carrying positions from infant to toddler stage. Pure 100% cotton fabric is easy to clean due to machine washable quality.

With three positions facing in, backpack and sling allows you to carry and monitor your baby. Wide lumber belt and shoulder straps provide comfortable carry because of equal distribution of weight.

I have used Ergonomic Baby Carrier for long time and found it safe and comfortable for my lovely baby and me. Cushioned and counter shoulder straps prevent corrugating skin allowing me to carry for longer time.

An additional pocket for keeping extra diapers, wipes and other accessories is the unique feature of this particular product.


  • 3 carrying positions
  • Machine washable cotton fabric
  • ​Long term useable (from infant to toddler stage)
  • ​Prevent accidental opening due to safety buckles
  • ​Breathable fabric for all weather use
  • Maintain good postures of baby and mom/dad
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for proper fitting
  • Completely hand free design


  • Buckling independently is problematic

Boba Baby Wrap is simple cotton cloth carrier specially manufactured for newborn babies. Honestly speaking I did not use this wrap for carrying my baby; however, my best friend has been using this wrap. Actually, Boba Baby Wrap is an ideal carrier for breastfeeding.

At the beginning, the carrier is a bit difficult for wrapping the baby but with a couple of practices, you might be a perfect user. The soft and airy fabric with 95% cotton and 5% spandex keep the baby comfortable for longer time.



  • Only inward facing bonding
  • Complicated to wrap at the beginning

Infantino Sash is a Mie Tie style wrap, which is known as an old and traditional carrier. Infantino Sash allows the adjustable wrap to fit perfectly with the body. Three-position carrier allows you to wrap facing inward, hip hugger and backpack.

The unique quality of this Infantino Sash wrap I liked the most is a detachable hood cover for protection against sunlight.

Infantino Sash is the best infant carrier for moms and dads for keeping their love nearer to the heart. You may also like this flexible carrier because of its custom size.

Custom size helps you to adjust according to your built. Only a single Mie Tie carrier may suffice both of you and of your beloved wife.


  • 3-way carrying facility
  • Detachable hood for protection against sunlight
  • Custom size adjustment
  • Mie Tie style
  • Buckel free wrap and carrier design
  • Machine washable


  • Straps padded with polyurethane foam

Infantino Swift Classic Carrier is an exclusively affordable brand for every mom and dad. This classic infant carrier is manufactured with washable and wipe-able material. Padded shoulder supports and baby head support make the carrier more comfortable and safe.

Using this Infantino Swift Classic Carrier was best experience for me because of its adjustable side straps. You might also be interested in this particular infant carrier because of affordability and widthwise customization.


  • Affordable price
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Washable and wipe-able fabric
  • Simple to wear and adjust
  • One-touch adjustment


  • Weird for baby hips and carrier’s shoulders


I have concluded all the 5 best infant carries with practical use in different occasions. I found all these brands reliable and beneficial. Every product is fabulous in its category and price. Simply, the product with comparatively high price surrounds more benefits for the customers.

In the above-mentioned short reviews of 5 best carrier, I have tried to add as maximum pros and cons I could. Everyone measure the things with his/her own scales. However, I hope that after using these products you will agree with my opinion.

The baby carrier I liked the most out of these five brands is Six-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby because of its additional features of carrying positions.

No doubt, the product is comparatively costly; however, due to enhanced lifespan the price factor can be rolled out, if pocket allows.

Concluding the best infant carriers review, I recommend buying the carrier according to your budget limits.


My name is Crystal Waston. I am a mother of three wonderful children. I started MakeYourBabyLaugh! to help parents who are struggling to raise their children. I hope that my experiences in child-rearing can inspire and help parents overcome their parenting struggles.

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