What Age Do Kids Start Kindergarten? Let’s Find The Anwser

There’s a large number parents who are thinking and searching to know what age do kids start kindergarten? Should they have to send their children to kindergarten this year? Or maybe they should wait for another year?

If you are one of the parents you must know the answer to the following question:


What Is Kindergarten?

Kindergarten is one of the most convoluted years for children as well as for the parents. It is a year when a children Spirit comes together for an escapade disparate anything else they got qualified.

The children got some new physical terrain and started exploring and adapting new moves; they know new emotional responses, complications and expectations, and new behavioral demands.


In this year all sorted and squished about, amended and developed. Each part – social, expressive, behavior, and intelligent – pushes ahead in fits and starts. Additionally, a focused dose of researchers is functioned into the mix – by Tori Smith

According to the Arizona Education Code 15-821 (C), “a child is set to admit in kindergarten when he/she is five years of age.

However in case if a child is deemed 5 years of age, but he/she will reach 5 years of age before September 1st of the current school year, the school can allow admitting such children who are still under the required age.

If the parents want to admit their children in the best interest of their children, such child must reach the required age of 5 years before the January 1st of the current school year.

However, you may contact to your nearest school to get specified information to know more about their admission policies.

Is Your Child Ready To Start School?


One of the best guides in making this choice is your child's before school teaching them at home, say, Dr. Kyle Snow, director of Center for Applied Research at the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Being A Teacher You Must Have Idea About It

The teacher should have the best idea of whether the child can meet social and academic expectations. It is not necessary that parents will make a wise decision for their kids all the time as they have chances be plagued by anxieties.

Some conscious parents got worried about that their child would get lost in the school and they do not let them join the sports team. On the other hand, some parents just want their children to perform best in the school rather learning or even sports.


Usually, the laws to admit your children in kindergarten vary in different countries. However, some local schools make their kindergarten requirements to manage their classes in a better way.

So, it is necessary to know the policies of the school before you admit your child in a kindergarten. However, other than the five years of age there’s no hard and fast rule to know what age do kids start kindergarten!

8 Signs Your Child Is Ready To Join The Kindergarten

1. Your Child Follows Simple Directions


If you are lucky enough and your child starts doing what you are saying them, it means she/he is ready to join the kindergarten.

However, most of the children do not react all the times. It is important because before you leave your child in the school, he or she must be able to listen to their teacher’s instructions.

2. Able To Sits Still

When it comes to joining a classroom, your child might have to sit for hours in the classrooms. To be a good student, they have to be able to sit still and participate in other class activities.

3. Able To Use The Bathroom

When your child knows how to use the bathroom and they become able to make things clear after using it, which means they are ready to join the class. This would be the best answer to your question, what age do kids start kindergarten?

4. Recognizes Some Letters


Before you hand over your child to the school, you must help them to learn the basics like recognizing some letters like alphabet and digits.

5. Works On Fine And Gross Motor Skills

In a kindergarten, your child will have the opportunity to take part in some extracurricular activities. They must know the basic activities like ball throwing, pencil holding, and use scissors.

6. Gets Along With Peers

When your child started sharing their cute views with you and talks about different topics or things, it’s a strong sign that he/she is ready to join the kindergarten.

7. Handles Emotions

This is not unusual for a child of five years of age to break down in tears when they are upset. However, it matters how your child is controlling their feelings by coping strategies.

8. Shows An Interest In Learning


The last but very important, that your child must show some interest in learning new things. It doesn’t matter in what thing they are showing interest, it can be anything like music, dance, stories or even learning.


As per the experts’ opinion and Arizona Education Code 15-821 (C) the five years of age is the best period to admit your kids in kindergarten.

However, the above shared 8 signs are highly recommend recognizing that your kid is ready to join the kindergarten class. That means this not only to know the answer what age do kids start kindergarten, your child also be able to enthusiast to learn new things.


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