How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums? Tremendous Tips

Developing temper tantrum in the toddlers is the serious issue for the parents. This issue leads to many serious psychological problems and personality disorders in future stages of child’s life. Timely coping with the tantrums prevent further provocation of the case.

Many parents are worried about the bad temper of their children but do not know how to deal with toddler tantrums. They are unaware of the causes of developing the temperament issues or even they do not have time to deal with.


Situations You May Notice For Children Temper Tantrum


Usually, a few episodes of unusual behavior of the child may not be considered as a tantrum because it may be due to acute fatigue or after affects of any illness. If the child is showing the bad temper repeatedly, it should be taken seriously.

If a child is developing bad temperament, he may act in different ways. If your baby has developed bad temper issue, you may notice it in the following situations.

  • The tantrums are developed mostly in the child from one year to three years of age. Usually, the child starts whimpering and crying with unknown reason.
  • The baby may suddenly start crying when you are laughing and enjoying something.
  • He/she may also show bad temper in public places like in hotels, bars or parks.
  • The tantrum episode may develop on the dining table when you start eating the meal.
  • The same may happen when a guest comes at home.
  • You buy something for your baby or ask him/her to pick one as per choice; the baby may react harshly by weeping and whining.
  • Whenever, you leave the baby at the daycare center and move for the office.

There are many other situations where you may notice that the baby is uncomfortable with the environment. If your baby start screaming, whining or whimper at the above-mentioned situation, you must take it seriously.

Elements Leading To Child’s Tantrums

The elements leading to the development of bad tantrums in toddlers vary with the living conditions and environmental conditions.

Here I have highlighted few of the common causes leading to the development of tantrums in toddler stage of children.

1. Physical Health Issues


There are some diseases leading to toddler tantrums which most of the parent do not know. Some health problems like anaemia and abdominal discomfort create chronic fatigue. This fatigue further leads to bad temperaments along with physical problems.

Similarly, there are many other diseases leading to generalized weakness in the body of children; thus making them behave irritatingly. Moreover, malnutrition is one of the major factors developing bad temper in the children.

2. Vocabulary And Pronunciation Problems

Vocabulary and pronunciation issues are the common reasons for developing the tantrums in the children from one year to three years of age. Children cannot explain about their likes, dislikes, desired, and get irritated.

3. Rivalry Issues


The Rivalry is the very important factor leading to the irritating behavior of the children which most of the parents do not know.

For example, if your elder baby is two years old and your wife delivered a new baby. You both show your love to the newborn baby ignoring the elder baby who still needs your love and attention.

Being a good life partner, you give more time to your husband/wife leaving the baby playing with the toys. If the same thing is happening for a longer period, the chances of developing bad tantrums may increase.

4. Care Related Issues


Some parents leave their children in daycare centers during office hours. Many children do not accept the environment of these centers. The behavior of maidservants serving at daycare center also matters for the development of bad temper.

The behavior of your maidservant who takes care of your baby in your absence also might be a reason for developing the tantrums.

5. Domestic violence and strife 

Domestic violence, strife and clashes are also a major cause of toddler tantrums. If you and your life partner quarrel each other in front of the baby, he/she is more prone to develop tantrums.

How To Prevent Toddler Tantrums 


I have tried to explain the circumstances and causes of developing bad temper in the children, especially in the toddler stage. No doubt, growing up a baby needs extra ordinary attention and it is the basic responsibility of the parents.

Although, the parents try their best to take care of the every need of their baby; however, they may not know about the reason of bad tempers. Similarly, they may do not know how to deal with toddler tantrums.

If you are well aware of the route causes of the development of bad temper, you can easily save your baby before well in time. Here are few tips regarding predevelopment measures to avoid tantrums in the toddlers.

  • Health issues may develop tantrums. You must know about the health of your baby. If you feel that baby does not take proper food or does not sleep well, consult the physician immediately.
  • Make sure that your baby is taking food according to his/her stage and age. For better nourishment, always observe the taste and interest of the baby and give his/her favorite foods.
  • To cope with the rivalry issues, keep the maximum gap between the births of the first and second baby. When the baby has crossed the toddler stage (three years of age) then try for the next baby.
  • You need more care and attention for the elder baby, if you new baby arrived before he reaches three years. The elder child should not realize that he/she is being ignored.
  • No doubt, you love your baby more than anything else loves and you buy fantastic and costly toys for him/her. However, toys are not enough for the baby. Your baby also needs your attention and love more than the toys.
  • Maidservant and stepmother can never act like real moms. Sometimes, the baby does not accept the servant. Therefore, you must look into the understanding between your baby and the servant. Replace the servant, if things are not going well,
  • Quarreling in front of children badly affects their personality making them violent and loose tempered. Therefore, never create such situation in the presence of the baby.

How To Deal With Toddler Tantrums 


Once the tantrum behavior has been developed, it creates a lot of problems for the parents. However, you can cope with the tantrums by taking timely action. Being the parent, you can convert the bad temper to positive behavior.

The following few points in bullet will helps you to know how to deal with toddler tantrums effectively. Your patience, love and positive approach can bring positive changes in your child’s personality and behavior.

  • The most common cause for the development of the tantrums is deficiency of vocabulary. As the very first measure, teach your baby the most common words like water, bread, more, mom, dad etc.
  • Understanding the child’s needs is helpful to control the toddler tantrums. If the baby learns to convey his/her message, he/she will be able to get the required thing.
  • Try to sort out the route cause frustrating or irritating the baby. For example, if the baby is frustrated by maidservant’s behavior, try to rectify the problem by motivating the maidservant to deal with the baby delicately.
  • Allow the baby to accompany you for the maximum possible time. During this time, give the baby lovely hug, kiss and join to play with his/her toys. Love and chumminess are the best tools to reduce the child bad temper issues.
  • If you know that your baby may show bad temper at any place, you must be prepared to cope with the situation.
  • If the baby burst out at a public place, take him out of the situation until he is normalized. Nevertheless, never shout over the screaming or crying baby publicly or even at home.
  • If the baby is demanding something harmful for his/her or something you do not want to allow or you are unable to provide; arrange for a suitable substitute/diversion and calmly motivate the baby to get the alternate.
  • Keep close observation for signs of stress, fatigue and generalized weakness. Also observe for food intake and stool/urine output. If you find any abnormality, consult your family physician immediately.


After knowing about the circumstances and causes leading to the toddler tantrums, we can realize that the bad temper issues are caused due to mismatch of the environment with the baby desires.

If we succeed to provide the happy and friendly environment for the baby, we can overcome the tantrums. Therefore, we must not focus more on how to deal with toddler tantrums rather we must emphasize on the rectification of the causes of developing the bad tempers.

I have tried to add the maximum information to deal with the tantrums in the children; however, the improvement factor always exists. Your kind feedback and comments either in the favor or against this article will be highly welcome.

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My name is Crystal Waston. I am a mother of three wonderful children. I started MakeYourBabyLaugh! to help parents who are struggling to raise their children. I hope that my experiences in child-rearing can inspire and help parents overcome their parenting struggles.

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