9 Easy And Accurate DIY Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy is not a new thing. For this reason, it is almost certain that women have been trying to find ways in confirming their pregnancy in the early stages.

Today, this can be done with a simple pregnancy test kit that you can buy in the local drugstores. However, such test kits are not available in the past. This should make you wonder what women in the past did to confirm their pregnancy in the early stages.

Women in the past have their own traditional methods that can confirm pregnancy in the early stages. Such methods are also referred to as homemade or natural pregnancy tests.


Why Should You Use Natural Pregnancy Tests?

While most women may not see the point of creating their own pregnancy test, homemade and natural pregnancy tests do offer a few benefits.

With a homemade pregnancy test, you can easily maintain your privacy if you want to confirm that you are pregnant. With a test that you can simply make at home, you will never have to worry about being spotted purchasing a pregnancy test kit in your local stores or pharmacy.

Keeping it private will also help you keep your secret until you become ready to reveal the news to your family and friends.

For those who have no intention of getting pregnant, being seen in the public while you purchase a pregnancy test kit may make you feel embarrassed. To avoid such incidents, you can make your own pregnancy test at home.

Since most of the homemade pregnancy tests often require things that you typically use at home, such tests are relatively cheaper than pregnancy test kits in your local drugstores. Also, since there are various options on homemade pregnancy tests, you get to pick and choose your ingredients for the test.

DIY Pregnancy Tests You Can Try At Home

You can try the following homemade pregnancy tests to check whether you are expecting or not. The tests are simple and easy to do.

1. Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion leaves can be used to check and confirm the pregnancy. In using the leaves, you can cut a few leaves and place them in a plastic container. You have to make sure that the leaves are not placed directly under the sun.

When your bladder feels full, you can urinate directly on the leaves until they are completely submerged in urine. Wait for about ten minutes before checking the leaves again. If the leaves have red bumps on them, you are pregnant.

2. Pine Sol

You can even make use of a homemade solution like Pine Sol to test if you are pregnant. This cleaning agent contains Pine oil and is used at home for cleaning among other uses.

You have to mix your urine with this cleaning agent and wait for a few seconds. If the mixture changes its color, you are pregnant.

3. Bleach

This homemade test is considered one of the most effective natural pregnancy test. To do this test, you simply have to mix bleach and your urine in a cup. When the mixture starts foaming, you are pregnant.

4. Toothpaste

The toothpaste pregnancy test is considered one of the easiest homemade methods because the ingredients are readily available at home.

To perform this test, you have to make use of any white toothpaste. You should mix the toothpaste with your urine and wait for about a second to check for any color changes.If the toothpaste turns blue, you are pregnant.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar pregnancy test is considered as one of the most commonly used homemade test in the past. In fact, this has been used in ancient times when there are still no advancements in medical technology.

In using vinegar in testing for pregnancy at home, you can simply mix urine and vinegar in a cup. Initially, you will see bubbling. You should take note that this is normal.Instead, you should look for any change in color in the mixture. If there are any changes, you are pregnant.

6. Sugar

This homemade pregnancy test is best performed in the morning. With your first urine of the day, you have to mix it with sugar. Make sure that you use the crystal ones and not the powdered sugar.If the sugar does not dissolve and produces clumps, you are pregnant.

7. Mustard Powder

This test is quite different compared to the other tests as this does not require a urine sample.To perform this test, you have to mix the mustard powder in a tub full of warm water. You have to soak in the mixture and relax for about 30 minutes to an hour. Once done, you can rinse and follow your regular bathing routine.

The hardest part of this test, however, is the waiting time. You will need to wait for about two days for the results. If your period does not come within the next two days, you are pregnant.

You should also note that you need pure mustard seed powder for this test. You have to make sure that the mustard powder does not contain any other ingredients.

8. Tylenol And Peroxide

For this test, you need to make use Tylenol, as other brands will not have the same ingredients in them and may show inaccurate results.

In a container, you have to crush two tablets of Tylenol. Then, you have to mix the crushed tablets with a small amount of peroxide to create that powder fizz. Lastly, add in a small amount of urine to the mixture.

In checking the result, you need to wait for a couple of minutes to check if there are any changes in color. If it turns blue, you are pregnant.

9. Pure Urine

You can also make use of pure urine to check if you are pregnant. For this test, you will need a jar to collect the urine.Once filled, you have to make sure that you place the jar on a flat surface. You have to make sure not to shake the container.

You will need to wait for about 24 hours to check the results of this test. If you see a white layer on the topmost surface of the urine, the test is positive and you are pregnant.

This test is perhaps the easiest test because you do not need to find other ingredients. Instead, you need patience as you wait for 24 hours.

Points To Consider When Using Homemade Pregnancy Tests

There are various points to consider when you use homemade pregnancy tests.

Some of these points can help increase the accuracy of your homemade pregnancy test. You can follow these tips and tricks to help you out with your homemade pregnancy tests.

  • Use the First Urine Voided in the Morning. One way to increase the accuracy of homemade pregnancy tests would be to use the first urine you voided as you wake up early in the morning, as this urine sample is less diluted. If your urine is more concentrated, the results are more accurate.
  • Avoid Shaking Your Sample. Regardless of the method you used in checking for a positive pregnancy test at home, you should always avoid shaking your sample. Shaking your samples may interfere with the results.
  • Use Only Plastic Containers. In performing homemade pregnancy tests, you should only use plastic containers. Other types of materials may react with your urine or any ingredients you have used in the test.
  • Take Caution When Using Bleach and Vinegar. If you perform bleach or vinegar pregnancy test, you should take caution as these ingredients have a strong stench and may cause suffocation. Always carry out the tests in an open area or any area with ample ventilation.
  • Dispose of Used Containers Properly. Once you are done performing the test, you should make sure that the containers you used are disposed of properly.
  • Consult Your OB-Gynecologist. While the tests have proven to be accurate, you should never rely on the tests alone. Once you have tested positive, you should consult your OB Gynecologist to confirm the test with a blood test or other diagnostic examination.


Pregnancy is a blessing whether you may have planned it or not. Likewise, women have the choice to keep this private at first through confirming the pregnancy using homemade pregnancy tests. With such tests, women can use check ingredients that are commonly found at home like a cleaning agent, toothpaste or a cooking ingredient.

With a positive test on these homemade pregnancy tests, you can prepare yourself for what is about to happen before visiting your doctor for a checkup.Pregnancy is the start of your journey to motherhood. You should cherish this opportunity as others often a have hard time experiencing them.


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