5 Exclusive Home Remedies For Baby Acne That Will Make You Go Wow

We might think that acne is only a skin related issue that we experience after puberty, but that is not true. Acne can be experienced at any given age and similarly, babies can also have acne. The causes might differ from adult acne but it still needs attention.

Sometimes baby acne subsides on its own, but if the acne is persistent there are some easy and safe to use home remedies for baby acne. These home remedies have been tested and are sure to guarantee safe results.


1. Breast Milk

Breast Milk

Mother’s breast milk contains different antibodies which help the baby fight against diseases and infections until the baby’s immune system is strong enough. Baby acne can also be treated by application of breast milk. Breast milk has been used to for countless health issues of the babies since ancient times.

Ancient Egyptians used it as a natural medicine for various skin and digestive issues. They also mixed it with honey in order to increase its power.

Albert Sabin, who conducted a polio vaccine research in the sixties, concluded that mice showed significant improvement from polio when they were fed with the breast milk. According to the research conducted by the University of California, breast milk is the most simple and cost effective method to treat acne.

How To Apply 

All you need to do is to collect a small amount of breast milk by expressing it in a container and use a clean small cotton ball to apply it to your baby’s acne affected areas. Dry the skin if there is any spill.

Baby’s skin should be dried off with a clean cloth after feeding to avoid drools.Breast milk can also be a cause of acne if mother’s diet is not healthy and contains oily and fatty foods. A small patch of skin should be tested prior to using this remedy.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great natural remedy to treat baby acne safely. It acts as a hydrating agent and has a cooling effect on your baby’s skin. It is chemical free, organic and natural, therefore can be used without worry.

Although there haven’t been sufficient high-quality clinical trials conducted on the skin benefits of coconut oil still there is enough evidence that can compel us the coconut oil is indeed beneficial for baby skin. Most of the studies that have been conducted claim that virgin coconut oil or VCO is best for the skin. Virgin coconut oil is the one that has been extracted from natural means without any intervention of chemicals or bleach.

A random study was conducted on 34 patients suffering from mild-to-moderate xerosis. Some of these patients were provided with virgin coconut oil while some of them were asked to use mineral oil. At the end, patients using virgin coconut oil revealed a significant increase in their skin hydration and lipid levels. In another study, virgin coconut oil improved the skin barriers in the infants that were extremely low weight at their birth.

How To Apply 

A few drops on a cotton ball will be enough to treat your baby’s acne in days. It can be applied up to four times a day. The organic coconut oil is cold pressed and stored in a glass jar to preserve its effectiveness.

3. Honey And Lukewarm Water​


Honey is one of the best remedies for almost any ailment and problem. It has natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. When combined with lukewarm water it is a great home remedy for the sensitive and delicate skin. It is effective and mild for your baby’s delicate skin.​

​A research was conducted on the properties of Bee’s honey due to which it was determined that vitamins B2, B4, B5, B6 and B11 present in the honey make it one of the best remedies for baby acne.

How To Apply 

Mix equal amounts of honey and Luke warm water and use a cotton ball to apply the mixture on the affected areas and skin of your baby.Leave it for half an hour and wash with warm water.

4. Cornstarch


Excess oil secretion from sebaceous glands is one of the main reasons for baby acne.Cornstarch helps absorb excess oil from baby’s skin and keeping it acne free.It also keeps baby’s skin soft and smooth after healing.

According to the “Pediatric Dermatology” written by Lawrence A. Schachner, cornstarch or colloidal oatmeal can help soothe the acne if they are applied to the skin after diluting with the clean water.

Most of the parents might think that cornstarch could be harmful to the baby skin but in fact, it is not. Baby skin is not that different from the skin of children aged four or five years. Although the skin seems delicate at birth it matures at the age of 32 weeks.

How To Apply 

Make a paste by pouring small quantities of water in required amount of cornstarch. Apply a thin layer of cornstarch paste on the affected areas and leave for an hour. Afterward, wash with warm water or a clean wet cloth to wipe it off.

It also reduces irritation and inflammation caused by the acne.It can be used once daily on problematic areas until the acne subsides. Do not scrub the cornstarch mixture and use it as a mask.

5. Oats & Oatmeal


Oats are one of the most useful and effective medicinal foods. They contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The antioxidant properties of oats help treat these infections and cure baby acne. The anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the inflammation and redness caused by the acne.

While giving her lecture at American Academy of Dermatology, Andrea Lynn Cambio who is a renowned dermatologist, stated that skin conditions of infants can be resolved with the help of natural substances including oatmeal.

A group of researchers from India also conducted a research on the baby acne. This research got published in Indo-American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research. According to the researchers, some of the best home remedies for baby acne include cinnamon honey, breast milk, and oatmeal.

How To Apply 

Finely grind the oatmeal into a fine powder and pour the powder in a bath of Luke warm water and mix to disperse. Place the baby in the bath and bath for 10 minutes.

Another method includes adding oatmeal in an unused pantyhose and running it under water to form a natural moisturizer. Apply it on the affected area and then pat dry. Oatmeal could also be used on the baby skin in combination with pure honey.

Things You Must Keep In Mind While Using Oatmeal

Do not scrub the oat mixture, as baby’s skin is delicate.This is a great remedy for diaper rash and allergic rash, however; use on the face should be avoided as it might cause irritation on contact with eyes.It can also be added to baby’s bath if the baby is having rashes and body acne.

Precautionary Measures

  • Babies have sensitive skin that can easily react to laundry detergents, synthetic creams, shampoos, and even food that nursing mothers consume.
  • Oily, citrusy and sugary foods in a mother’s diet have negative effects on a baby’s skin. Dairy products are also responsible for baby’s acne and can be allergy-causing foods for babies.
  • Avoid too much contact with baby’s face and skin and always wipe hands with antibiotic wipes before touching. Hands are the most germs carrying part of our bodies.
  • Do not use chemical containing moisturizers, oils, and ointments on baby’s skin. Try using natural remedies.
  • Baby acne and rash should be distinguished properly to start the remedy process. If it is a rash detection of the allergy or rash causing agent should be made.


Babies have sensitive and delicate skins that can react and flare up with unhygienic contact or with the unhealthy diet of a nursing mother. These are the best natural home remedies that have been proven to work wonders on baby acne. These safe and effective home remedies have been proved from ages.

The best thing about home remedies is no side effects, which are very common with chemicals, and synthesized ointments. If your baby is having some acne issues try these remedies and restore your baby’s soft and smooth skin. Reply in the comments section and let us know which remedy you loved the most.

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